Spirit Hair Company Permanent Colour Advise during temporary closure

During this unprecedented time and while our salons are closed, we are having an increasing amount of calls with regards our clients that are really stressing about their grey roots and what they can use to cover them i.e. Box Dyes etc… While we are extremely sympathetic to our clients and in fact, some of our team about this issue, we do need to explain a few points.

· Spirit stylists are highly skilled and trained in colour and we solely use Goldwell Colour Systems that are for professional use only. Goldwell are one of the few manufacturers that do not have a commercial hair colour and their colours are not sold or retailed on the High Street or in Supermarkets.


· Your hair colour has been carefully analysed in one of our salons by your highly trained stylist through a visual consultation process which includes looking and assessing your hair condition, structure and porosity to enable us to get the very best result we can for you.


– We are not in the position to give advice of what home colours are best to use or to compare. Our professional salon colouring systems are different from home colouring systems, so it is not possible for us to match numbers or shades or give a like for a like.


– We recognise that this will be disappointing for a few of our clients who are really wanting this information from us but we would ask you to understand that by giving you your unique formula’s of your salon colour, we are liable and breaking our duty of care for your health and safety and an unpredictable outcomes that could cost hundreds of pounds to correct or worse.


· Therefore, we will only give you advise on the products that we know will tide you over which are temporary root touch ups. The are not an ideal long-term solution but they are a solution that is safe and easy to use and cover roots perfectly until we are open again and are able to colour your hair professionally, safely and with incredible results.


Please feel free to call us at the salon should you need any further advice. Our lines are open, and we will be happy to help support you where we can.



CLICK HERE for Permanent Colour Advise during temporary closure


It is with a heavy heart and incredible sadness that we have decided to temporarily close our salons in High Wycombe, Wallingford, and Farnham Common from today, 23rd march 2020 until further notice.

This has not been an easy decision but we need to be part of the collective to ensure that we do our bit and help prevent the spread of this virus and help the NHS, our super heroes the best way we can.

The safety and wellness of our clients and teams remains Spirit’s ultimate priority and we would like to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts for their love, loyalty and support.

We do see this as a temporary measure and we will be back open as soon as we are told we can and in the meantime, we ask that you stay safe, stay home and listen to what we are being advised.

Normality will resume one day and as we emerge from this life changing event in our history, spirit will be here to welcome
you back with open arms.

Booking on line is also temporarily closed down.

Stay in touch with us on our Facebook page and website where we will be actively sharing hair tips and some light entertainment from our teams.

We will see you again soon.

Love Lauren and Mikaela