Oxfordshire Teenager Rosie Brooks Makes an incredible trip to Kenya with charity, The NASIO Trust, which helps young orphaned children in vulnerable communities.Rosie Brooke, 18, raised the £1,500 needed to take part in the scheme with the help of her colleagues at Spirit Hair Co in Wallingford, where she works as part of the front of house team.

“My colleagues were amazing,” said Rosie. “The owners and other team members helped raise most of the money I needed to make the trip. One week the team donated all their tips to my fund. My boss Mikaela Martin also held a raffle, which raised another big chunk of the money I needed to go. Our clients were also incredibly supportive. I made cakes over a five-month period and they paid what they could afford and all that money also went into the fund. I couldn’t have made this happen without the support of my Spirit Hair Co family.”

The team at Spirit Hair Co also donated loads of stationery for Rosie to take with her to Kenya, as schools in the communities helped by the charity are in desperate needs of basic equipment.

Rosie spent 10 days in Kenya with the charity, visiting towns and villages where children were most in need of help. She and the other volunteers cooked nutritious meals for the local children, and also helped out in schools, where Rosie’s hoard of stationery came in very useful.

“It was an incredible experience,” says Rosie. “The children were so friendly. Every time we arrived at a school, they ran out laughing and smiling, wanting to get to know us. It was so hard to leave them, but I know I will be going back, which made it easier.”


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