Mikaela teamed up with the Learning to Work team that aims to introduce year 11 pupils to the world of work, helping to prepare them for interviews.

As a volunteer, Mikaela spent 30 minutes with each pupil, helping them experience a job interview situation. Ten minutes of the session was spent giving each pupil constructive feedback on their interview, offering them valuable advice for when they start looking for work.

As someone who has enjoyed a long and successful career in hairdressing, Mikaela was happy to take part in the event, and dispel some of the myths that exist about the hairdressing industry, while helping to coach the pupils.

“All too often, hairdressing is dismissed as a career to enter if you have no other options,” said Mikaela. “This is such a misrepresentation of the incredible hairdressing industry. Hairdressing can open so many doors, and involves a multitude of possible career paths, whether you choose to work in a salon, become an ambassador for a product company and travel the world, or opt for the world of session styling, working at fashion shows or on shots for glossy magazines. Hairdressing can offer young people an amazing and varied career and I was thrilled to get the opportunity to share this with the year 11 pupils at Herschel Grammar School.”

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