Gender Neutral Prices

gender neutral hair prices at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe BucksSpirit Hair Co is an affordable luxury that will enable you to pamper yourself without a feeling of guilt. Our salon never takes our clients for granted, we know one size most certainly does not fit all!

Our services and pricing have moved to being gender neutral as it is fairer and equal to everyone, no matter who and what you identify as. Our prices will not be defined by gender but by Short, Medium and Long length hair and also by the stylist’s experience and knowledge.

Our stylists are qualified to the highest standards and are trained in the most up to date and current styling and colour techniques both in salon and at The Goldwell Hair Academy situated in London, which means, we can guarantee excellent standards across the board in all the services we offer.

Service Definitions:

Long Hair– Hair that sits below the shoulder blade

Medium Hair– Hair that sits on the shoulders or above

Short Hair– Hair that sits above the shoulders on the neckline

Creative Short Cut– A precision layered cut such as a crop, pixie cut, undercut, intricate clipper and fade work, no blow dry

Classic Short Cut– simple short cut around the ears generally known as a short back and sides. This service would have previously been known as a Gents wash and cut, no blow dry

Curly Hair Cut & Air Dry– All hair length cutting service for clients with textured/curly hair that requires no blow dry

CUTTING & STYLING Salon Consultant Principle Stylist Senior & Creative Stylist Young Stylist
Restyle , Cut & Blow Dry (new shape & style) from £84.00 from £78.00 from Sept 2023  from Sept 2023 
Cut & Blow Dry (Long length below shoulder blades) from £84.00 from £78.00 from Sept 2023  from Sept 2023 
Cut & Blow Dry (Short-Medium length hair) from £67.00 from £62.00 from Sept 2023  from Sept 2023 
Creative Short Cut & Quick Dry 45 mins from £50.00 from £47.00 from Sept 2023  from Sept 2023 
Classic Short Cut & Quick Dry (previously Men's Cut) 30 mins from £35.00 from £33.00 N/A N/A
Curly Hair Cut & Air Dry (all hair lengths) from £50.00 from £47.00 N/A N/A
Long Blow Dry- thick hair 60 mins from £67.00 from £62.00 N/A £45.00
Long Blow Dry- straight/ irons/ waves 45 mins from £50.00 from £47.00 N/A £34.00
Short-Medium Hair Blow Dry 30 mins from £39.00 from £36.00 N/A £26.00
HAIR COLOUR Salon Colour Expert Senior Colourist Creative Colourist Young Colourist
Root Regrowth from £60.00 from £56.00 from £52.00 From £40.00
Full Head Permanent Colour from £75.00 from £67.00 from £62.00 From £55.00
T-section/ Random Foils from £64.00 from £50.00 from £58.00 From £47.00
1/2 Head Foils from £85.00 from £80.00 from £73.00 From £62.00
Full Head Foils from £128.00 from £121.00 from £110.00 From £94.00
Natural Colorance from £46.00 from £43.00 from £40.00 From £34.00
Ombre / Balayage POA* POA* POA* N/A
Colour Correction POA* POA* POA* N/A
Please note: * means please book a consultation. All colours with the exception of Elumen Colour will need a skin test 48 hours prior to the colour service. Please see our Colour Safe Policy to review your options. We will not be able to colour your hair without a test.
Bespoke leave in serums designed to safeguard your salon colour for up to 22 washes, also adds condition and care elements to damaged, frizzy or limp hair.
60 seconds to nourish, regenerate and restore damaged hair, neutralises unwanted yellow tones in blondes and amplifies luminosity.
Just one use, this high powered conditioner helps rebuild and fortify hair that is vulnerable to breaking, leaving hair stronger, shinier and healthier 
BOND PRO FIXER NO 1 & 2  £12.00 per shot
Add this treatment into your colour service to protect and strengthen your hair during lightening or colour service to give you shiny and healthy hair.
Treat your hair to this incredible rich and intensive treatment that reinforces and strengthens the bonds in the hair. Your hair will look and feel visibly amazing inside and out.
Meet the stylists backbar weapon to healthier looking repaired hair, more bouncy curls, fuller hair. In 4 steps this treatment will reconstruct, rebuild, and protects damaged hair for breath-taking healthier-looking hair. 

Please Note: Our pricing is gender neutral and based on the hair length, texture, and time. All prices include 20% VAT, and refreshments.