Butterfly Cut vs The Rachel Hairstyle

Mid-Length Hairstyles At Spirit Hair Company In High Wycombe

Our expert hair stylists have created a list of the latest mid-length hairstyles to inspire your next visit to our Buckinghamshire salon. For mid-length haircuts, the top trends include the Rachel hairstyle, the butterfly cut and the lob.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest hair trends which is why we do it for you! Keep reading to find out more about the best mid-length hair cuts at Spirit Hair Company Hairdressers in High Wycombe.

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The Rachel Haircut

The Rachel haircut is inspired by Rachel Green from the hit 90s TV show, Friends. The haircut was so iconic that it's been dubbed the Rachel. It was a top trend back in the 90s and it's a top trend again now!

This hairstyle involves a feathered haircutting technique to frame the face with choppy layers. It's a great way to add volume to your hairstyle and look super stylish while doing it! If you want to go full Rachel green, ask for some chunky blonde highlights to be applied throughout your hair.

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The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly haircut looks as pretty as the name sounds! To create this hairstyle, our skilled stylists cut short face-framing layers that fall like wings around your face. This is paired with longer layers throughout your face to create a V-shape like the body of a butterfly.

If you have thick, heavy hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you as it can be used to remove weight from your hair whilst keeping the length.

Butterfly Cut

Long Bob

A long bob (also known as a lob) is a classic mid-length hairstyle that looks chic and fabulous. This hairstyle is cut at shoulder length and looks great as a blunt cut. Blunt cuts can help make your hair look thick and healthy. Lob haircuts are also create at accentuating your jaw and flattering your features.

If you're not sure which mid-length hairstyle would suit you, our friendly stylists will be happy to recommend the perfect mid-length hairstyle to suit you.

Lob Haircut

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