Celebrity Summer Hair Trends 2022

3 Hottest Celebrity Hair Trends This Summer At Spirit Hair Company High Wycombe

With summer well and truly underway, our expert stylists at Spirit Hair Salon in High Wycombe have picked our favourite celebrity trends to try before the Autumn. From complete restyles, to quick and simple ideas to spice up your everyday look, here is what we are loving this summer.

Silver & Platinum Blonde

Make a statement with a silver or platinum blonde this summer. Although not easily achieved or maintained, these colours have been a hit with celebrities for the past couple of years. 

If you would like to try this bold look, remember to book your colour consultation with the top hair colourists in High Wycombe, so we can advise on the best process for achieving your look and the maintenance hair products needed to ensure your hair lasts between your appointments. 

Metal Accessories

Paired with a simple knot or ponytail, a metal hair accessory can turn even the easiest of looks into something show-stopping. Even better, you can perfect your hairstyle while making it look different everyday with a new hair clip or slide. 

Fringes To Suit You

A quick way to change up your style is to add a fringe to your current look. There is a wide variety to choose from including blunt fringes, micro fringes, curly fringes and curtain bangs. Celebrities are opting for modern and dramatic fringes to change up their style.

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