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The Right Hair Treatment At Spirit Hair Company In High Wycombe

Everyone's hair needs a little TLC every now and again. It's easy to think that any hair treatment will do the trick, but that's not the case! At Spirit Hair Company in Buckinghamshire, we offer a range of hair treatments designed for specific hair needs.

Not sure what your hair needs? Not a problem! Our hair experts can recommend the right hair treatment for you. Keep reading to find out more about the variety of hair treatments we have and what they can do for your hair.

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Quick Fix Hair Treatments

We understand that life is busy, but that doesn't mean you should neglect your hair! At our Buckinghamshire hairdressers, we have the perfect hair treatment that will fit in around your busy schedule. All we need is 60 seconds to transform your hair! 

Our quick fix hair treatments are best suited to restore damaged hair. Also, if you have blonde hair, this treatments works to neutralise unwanted yellow tones for a stunning shine and beautiful blonde hair colour.


Strengthen Your Hair

Does your hair feel brittle and damaged? If you often notice hair breakage when you brush your hair, then this hair treatment is for you. The Bond Pro hair treatment is a 30 minute treatment that restores and reinforces the bonds in your hair for healthy, strong hair.

We can even add the Bond Pro Fixer hair treatment to your hair colour service. If you have colour-treated hair, your hair can become damaged from the hair colouring process. At Spirit Hair Company, we are dedicated to helping you look after your hair. By adding the Bond Pro Fixer to your colour service, we can protect your hair during the hair colouring process so that your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Bond Pro Hair Treatments

Hair Treatment For Curly Hair

Curly haired people, this one's for you! The KPak 4 Step Treatment is a backbar hair treatment that works to reconstruct and rebuild damaged hair to restore your curl pattern. Each step is designed to target a different hair problem so that the final result is happy, healthy hair!

This hair treatment is also ideal for colour-treated hair and hair that has been permed as it works to restore the natural level of pH in the hair. It even has benefits for hair that has been chemically treated or heat damaged hair as it helps rebuild the hair structure.

Hair Transformation After at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

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