Hair Ideas For Older Women

Hairstyles For Older Women At Spirit Hair Salon In High Wycombe

You deserve to look and feel your best at any age! At Spirit Hair Company in Buckinghamshire, we have the best hair ideas for older women to inspire your next visit to our High Wycombe hairdressers.

Whether you're looking for a flattering hairstyle or a classic haircut, we have the perfect hairstyles for you. If you've had the same haircut for years, it may be time get out of your rut and change it up with a brand new hairstyle. Not sure what will suit you? Our expert stylists can recommend the right haircut to suit you, your face shape and personality.

Best Hairstyles For Older Women

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Pixie Haircuts

As you get older, you may notice some changes in your hair. During menopause, your hair may become thinner, finer, more coarse or appear to be 'fluffy'. This is due to changes in hormones and grey hairs being produced. A great way to disguise these issues whilst still looking stylish is by opting for a short haircut.

Short hairstyles such as the pixie cropped haircut can be tailored to suit your face shapes and facial features. Our skilled stylists will use the latest precision cutting techniques to provide you with a beautiful short hairstyle designed specifically for you.

Hairstyles for women over 50 at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

Bob Haircuts

Facelift hairstyles are haircuts that are designed to flatter your features! When a bob is cut at the right length and angle, it can work to slim and lift your face for a gorgeous effect. 

We can also add a fringe to frame your face fabulously! From a full fringe to a wispy fringe or even curtain bangs, we can find the right fringe to suit you and your hairstyle.

best hairstyles for older women at Spirit Hair Company

Layered Hairstyles

Older women can have long hair, too! Often hairstyle for older women are geared towards short haircuts, but you can have a long hairstyle at any age. If you like how long hair looks on you, then there's no reason for you to have to cut it!

Our expert stylists can transform your long hairstyle with some strategically placed layers that can work to contour your face. Again, fringes also look fantastic when paired with a long haircut!


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