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At home hair dye kits often make out that they are easy and unlikely to go wrong. However, this is typically the opposite of what happens! In most cases, it's difficult to achieve the hair colour they present on the outside of the box. If you've had a DIY hair colour gone wrong, make sure to book a consultation with our colour correction experts at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe as soon as possible.

At Spirit Hair Company, our expert team have years of experience and knowledge on how to create the best hair colours for you. We also know how to resolve hair colour disasters. During your colour correction consultation, we will assess your hair colour issues and use a range of hair colouring techniques to fix them.

Hair colouring is an art that takes years of practice, so leave it to the professionals at our Buckinghamshire salon and you're sure to get a hair colour that you love every time.

Please Note: If you have not had your hair coloured by us in the past 6 months, you will need to book in for a quick allergy patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colouring appointment.

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Uneven Bands Of Colour

It's difficult to apply hair colour to your own head. When applying hair colour yourself, you're likely going to miss patches or sections of your hair. This is because you will be unable to see all the different areas of your head and it may be difficult to stretch behind you to reach sections that you would then miss.

In addition to this, you may overlap the application of hair colour onto your hair which can also cause uneven band of hair colour. If your DIY hair colour comes out patchy or with uneven bands of hair colour, we can help! Our hair colour experts can resolve this issue by applying different hair colours and using colour matching to create a beautifully blended hair colour.

Blend Unwanted Bands of Colour at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

Unwanted Brassy Tones

If you're trying to get a dark hair colour to go blonde in one sitting, it is likely going to turn orange. We often see DIY hair colours gone wrong from clients using at-home balayage kits to apply highlights to their hair.

Although this may sound easy, balayage is actually a hair colouring technique which needs a lot of skilled. Through balayage, our expert colour technicians hand-paint highlights throughout your hair to create that sun-kissed look.

To fix unwanted brassy or yellow tones, our skilled hair colourists may apply more bleach or just a toner to transform your hair colour to a shade you love once more.

Remove Unwanted Brassy Tones at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

Over Processed Hair

Bleaching your hair should always be left to the experts. Bleaching your hair at home is where most hair colour disasters happen. When you leave bleach in for too long it can cause your hair to fall out, which is why you need to be really careful with this. At Spirit Hair Company, maintaining the condition of your hair is our top priority. We know how to lighten your hair properly, so please don't bleach your hair yourself at home.

To revive and restore over processed and damaged hair, we may apply a hair treatment. Find out more about our range of hair treatments here.

Fix Over Processed Hair at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

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You're in safe hands at Spirit Hair Company in Buckinghamshire. If you've had a hair colour gone wrong, book an appointment with our colour correction experts by calling us on 01494 440132 or book online using the pop-up button.