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Keep Your Hair In It's Best Condition This Spring With Spirit Hair Co In High Wycombe

If you are busy Spring Cleaning your home, then it's time to put the broom down and focus on yourself! Updating your hair care routine for the time of the year is really important to make sure it stays in it's best condition for the season you are in. At the best hair salon in High Wycombe, our expert stylists have come up with their favourite and easy ways of making sure your hair stays in it's best condition this Spring. 

From looking after your tools, new products and moisturising in salon treatments, read below to find out more!

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Spend Some Time In The Salon

We are bias, but we think that spending time in our High Wycombe hair salon is a perfect way to while away an hour or so!

Why not come and try one of our hydrating hair treatments in between your hair colour appointments to keep the integrity of your hair colour? As the hair colour specialists in High Wycombe we would always recommend keeping your coloured hair as hydrated as possible. 

Or if you are looking to tame unruly hair this Spring, a hair smoothing treatment could be the perfect way to cut down on styling time, keeping your hair silky smooth and you in control. Click here to find out more about our in salon hair smoothing treatments.

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Clean Your Hair Tools

Just like your home needs a good clean, so do your hair tools. Electrical hair tools such as curlers, hair straighteners and curling wands should all be cleaned regularly to avoid transferring dirt and germs back onto your hair! Never submerge your electrical tools in water, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

The same is true for your hairbrushes. Make sure you regularly clear hair out of your hairbrush and wash them once a week or so to ensure you are not brushing back in oil and dirt. Use a cleansing shampoo, or if you have a wooden brush, be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions. A quick rinse in hot water should do the trick.

Spring Hair Care Tips At Top High Wycombe Salon

Make Sure You Are Using The Right Products

As a Goldwell Salon, we know the difference good hair care products can make to your routine. Goldwell has a wide range of hair care products to help with every hair need, that smell amazing, and look great in your bathroom.

Why not try the Goldwell Dualsenses Scalp Specialist as a weekly pre-shampoo to really remove the build-up of product and excess oil for a truly clean feel. Or if your hair could do with a moisture boost, indulge with the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair, Restoring 60Sec Treatment for a hydrating treatment at home. 

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