Top Tips To Fight The Frizz

Tips To Tame Frizz At Spirit Hair Company In High Wycombe

We understand that having to put up a fight with your hair each day can be tiring. Regain control over your hair with the top tips to tame frizz from our hair experts at Spirit Hair Company in Buckinghamshire.

Frizzy hair happens due to lack of moisture in the hair, which then causes the hair to seek moisture from the air around it. This is why humidity can often make frizzy hair worse. Other factors such as dry air and pollution can also lead to frizzy hair. Protect your hair against frizz with out helpful hints and hacks for more manageable hair.

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Condition Hair Regularly To Reduce Frizz

Always make sure to use conditioner on frizzy hair! Conditioner helps to restore much needed moisture to the hair. Keeping your hair hydrated will help ensure that your hair doesn't dry out, reduces the risk of hair breakage and in turn reduces frizz. Leave-in conditioner or hair oil that is suited to your hair type is a great way to make sure your hair is getting the moisture it needs. If you're not sure what hair care products you should be using, our hair experts will always be happy to recommend the right hair care products for your hair type.

Best Hair Treatments For Frizzy Hair

At Spirit Hairdressing Salon in High Wycombe, we offer the best hair treatments to transform your hair. Our bespoke leave-in serums are designed to condition and care for frizzy hair. The KPak 4 Step Treatment reconstructs, rebuilds, and protects damaged hair for bouncier curls and less frizz. Bond Pro Treatments are available for hair that looks and feels instantly revived from the inside out. Again, if you're not sure which hair treatment is the best for you, our friendly team will recommend the perfect hair treatment for you.

Regular Trims To Rid Frizz & Split Ends

Brittle, split ends cause frizz! Ditch the dead ends and let us transform your hair with a trim. The longer you leave those split ends, the more likely that they will split higher up your hair causing more damage and more frizz. Book in for a regular trim every 6-8 weeks at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe to keep your hair looking and feeling happy and healthy. 

Keratin Treatments For Smooth, Shiny Hair

Hair smoothing treatments are designed to reduce frizz! At our Buckinghamshire salon, we offer 3 different Keratin Blow Dry services for you.

  1. For hair growth problems such as cowlicks and badly behaving sections of hair. 
  2. A one hour service that smooths your hair for up to 6 weeks. 
  3. Our most popular treatment takes up to 3 hours and will give you smoother hair for 3-5 months.

These hair treatments work to reduce curl, target weak spots, and reinforce the hair’s structure, helping to repair damage, block humidity, and reduce frizz. This results in softer, smoother, silkier hair that is easier to manage.

Hair Transformation Before at Spirit Hair Company in Buckinghamshire
Hair Transformation After at Spirit Hair Company in High Wycombe

Avoid Harsh Brushes & Finger Comb Instead

Harsh brushes can lead to static and frizz hair. The best way to comb frizzy hair is to apply a moisture-locking dry oil to your hair. This acts as a barrier to keep liquids from penetrating your hair. Then, wet your fingers and run them through sections of your hair. Detangle your hair with your very own finger comb!

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