The health and well-being of our clients takes top priority at Spirit Hair Company and we have always patch tested our colour clients before each and every colour service by either using small Colourstart skin tests (temporary tattoo system) or by manually testing in salon (AAT:Allergy Alert Tests).

Due to Covid, it appears that there is more sensitivity and allergic reactions happening and due to this, we are now having to change our testing procedures.

The small tattoos that we used to give out free of charge have now been discontinued and replaced. The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) have recently reclassified Colourstart from a prescription-only medicine (POM) to a general sale list (GSL) medicine. Because of this, the way the little tattoo’s are administered, sold and then the information monitored/stored has had to change which means that we have had to change too.

Please note:

  • The only exception to not having a skin test done prior to your colour in the salon, will be if you are a client that only has Elumen Colour as this colour range does not require testing.
  • New clients will need to book a FREE full colour consultation which will include hair and scalp assessment, screening, and an allergy alert test prior to booking a colour service. We will also require a 50% deposit at the time of booking your colour service.

There are 2 skin testing options available at Spirit Hair Company and our preference is Option 1 although we are aware that this option might not be possible for our clients that live some distance from the salon. For these clients, Option 2 would be your preference.


For this test, you will need to come to the salon 48 hours prior to your colour service appointment. Clients that have their appointments on a Tuesday or Wednesday will need to come to the salon on the Saturday before as the salon is not open on Sunday or Monday.

A small amount of colour is deposited to the inside of your elbow or your forearm. This must be kept on for 45 mins, not covered and then wiped off. You do not need to stay in the salon for the full 45 minutes but care must be taken to ensure that the colour does not get removed or rubbed off during this time. You must monitor the area over the next 48 hours. If a reaction occurs where the colour has been, it will look red, maybe slightly raised, itchy and could be hot. You must contact the salon immediately to seek further advise if this happens. A record card will be kept that shows your test and results.


This is a new MHRA approved self-application patch test (ColourStart) which offers you a safe and convenient way to test your suitability for a colour service and securely store your results in your personal online portal (Passport). For future colour services all you have to do is answer the 6 screening questions and if your result is a green “go ahead” tick. Although it is stated that you may not need to apply a Colourstart test again, we do recommend a yearly test. This test is convenient for clients who live at a distance from the salon or would find it extremely difficult to come into the salon for an in salon skin test. Please contact the salon if this is your preferred method of testing and we will be able to guide you through this system but please note that you will need to have a SMART phone or TABLET to be able to download the ColourStart Passport App to use this system.

Every person has a different tolerance or sensitivity to Scalp Bleaching. Factors such as skin type (oily/dry etc), ambient room temperature and skin temperature on different parts of the scalp are all factors on how bleach works.It is normal to feel an itching or tingling feeling – even a mild burning sensation when the bleach is first applied.

Do not wash your hair on the day of application as this seems to help and if you do feel any major increase in levels of discomfort due to the Bleaching Process, please inform your stylist IMMEDIATELY. If you do not inform your stylist of this BURNING increasing to an uncomfortable level – this can result in a CHEMICAL BURN to your scalp. A full consultation will be required prior to your service to ensure that the health of your scalp and hair are suitable for this treatment and a strand test will be carried out.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Colour Safe Policy. We hope it reassures you that your safety and comfort is our priority. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to call us